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Meet Selina

Entrepreneur, author, mom and speaker.

"Perfection is never the goal, understanding is"

The Open Honest Communication founder is a true Lady Boss with a knack for helping individuals and families learn to communicate with one another in ways that foster growth, clarity and compromise. 

About Us

Open Honest Communication is dedicated to improving family relationships through the art of proper communication. We host workshops and retreats that provide tools and resources for the purpose of helping families bridge communication gaps and create a safe environment for expression.

We are on a journey to inspire families to take the blinders off and recognize legitimate issues beyond the surface that need to be addressed. We support families as they seek to protect themselves from societal harmful influences and uninformed decisions.

OHC helps families equip themselves to make better decisions and is a resource for every family no matter the dynamic or makeup. We apply the principles of The Five Love Languages in a way that fosters communication between families and individuals through understanding and compromise.

From My Blog

Check out the OHC Blog as we share helpful information for those looking for answers when it comes to love, family and the pursuit of happiness.


Start Your Journey

Our Inspiration Calls are one one one sessions one on one sessions designed to provide you with a blueprint for building an Authentic Life.
Inspiration Call with Selina
30 min


Susan and Steven Testimonial on Open Hon

My husband and I had no idea how much we would benefit from this experience.  After almost 20 years of marriage, we assumed it would be just another night out but it was so much more.  

Susan and Steven

20 Years of Marriage

Eric and Sachet Testimonial on Open Hone

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This was an awesome experience!  We attended the event during a time when we really needed it.  We had just went through hurricane Harvey and lost everything.  It was not what we expected - it was much, much more! 

Eric and Sachet
Married 10+ Years

LaRonda and Tyronne Testimonial on Open

It was amazing!  I did not know what to expect.  We are in a serious relationship and we are praying that it leads to marriage.  Rudy and Selina hosted an elegant intimate event from dinner to the couples exercises. 

LaRonda and Tyronne

Long-Term Relationship


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